Month 21

Your baby

Your child

Every time your child wants you to read a book, it’s always the same book – over and over again. The same thing goes for music and movies – again and again and again. At this age, children can’t get enough of the things they like, whether it’s their favourite blanket, food, book or movie. This is partly because little children are not too keen on change. They feel safe when things are just as before. Another reason is that repetition helps build knowledge. The first time reading a book they might understand every other word. By the hundredth time, they understand all of them.    


You perhaps feel a bit dejected when your toddler keeps angrily saying no, no, no to everything, and has just called you “bad mummy” or “bad daddy”. To make things worse, just an hour ago that same little person was lying on the floor throwing a frenzied tantrum.  It’s just no, no, no.                                  And it only seems to happen with you. Never at daycare, never with grandpa or grandma and never with playmates. Why is this? Because your child loves you more than anyone else, that’s why. Because they feel absolutely certain of your love. That’s why they dare to test the limits and express their feelings to the full. That’s why they can say no with all the strength and energy they can muster (and that's a lot…). It might be small consolation, but at least it’s an explanation.

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