Week 9

Your bump

Your baby is becoming distinctly more human in shape, less bent and the neck is now visible. He or she is looking more and more like a little person, and if you look at the nose there are tiny holes that will develop into nostrils. The head is almost half as big as the body and your baby straightens up more and more. The nervous system is developing and maturing, particularly the brain cells. The arms and hands are growing faster than the legs and feet. Your baby is flexing those elbows and joints, since the muscles are developing. Whether your baby is a boy or a girl was decided the moment the egg and sperm met, and now its testes or ovaries start to form.


This week your nauseating hCG levels are going through the roof (that also means that they will soon drop!). So it may be a rough week ahead for you – nausea and mood swings all round. Are you feeling a little bit warm and ready to faint occasionally? That’s because large amounts of blood are now needed to supply the placenta with nourishment. Therefore the amount of blood in your body begins to increase and continues to do so throughout the pregnancy. This can affect your haemoglobin concentration, usually referred to as iron levels or your blood count, to drop slightly. So it's important to eat food containing lots of iron. Usually from the fourth month of the pregnancy, all women need to take an iron supplement. For all these reasons it's not unusual for you to feel a little weak occasionally. Try to eat healthily, rest and drink lots of water.

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