Week 39

Your bump

Most babies now have their heads downwards and their chins towards their chest, in the so-called "vertex presentation", which is the most common birth position for the baby. By this time it is somewhat quieter in your abdomen. First of all your baby doesn’t have much room to move inside your uterus; it feels more like nudging or poking movements. Secondly, he or she sleeps more to gather strength to grow and develop. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult 


Do you sleep restlessly and wake up often? Most women do. It is said that this is the body preparing for what is to come - a baby who wants to feed day and night. Many say they don't feel quite right during these last few weeks. It is quite normal if you feel unstable and have mood swings. You may be more introspective, become easily irritated and say that you can't get everything done. Others suddenly get a burst of energy. It is not unusual for very pregnant women to start house-cleaning, embark on major baking projects or prepare huge meals. This nesting could be instinctive - checking around our home before the baby comes.

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