Week 38

Your bump

For several weeks now, your baby’s development has been more about improving the functions of organs than about their construction. Your baby’s brain and nervous system are working better every day but this development continues through childhood and even into the later teen years. Now your baby is considered full-term. But when is it time? Your child will decide when it's time to be born. Research shows that the time we spend in the womb is programmed into our genes. Your baby has inherited these genes from you and from its father.  There’s not much you can do about this, except wait. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult 


When the baby's head or bottom is engaged, it often becomes easier to breathe, but there is more weight on the lower part of your abdomen. You can feel a tingling sensation when the head is pushing into your pelvic floor.   It is really hard to find comfortable sleeping positions; it’s quite frankly hard to find any comfortable positions lying, sitting or standing, but you are almost there. Try not to get annoyed by people asking if you are overdue, since you are so big (“Thank you, that made me feel great!”), or why you haven’t given birth yet (“Well, you tell me?”). Try not to pay attention. Make plans every day, if you have the energy; go to the movies, have your eyelashes tinted, go to the hairdresser, walk outside, have dinner with friends, enjoy the last few days of quiet.

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