Week 34

Your bump

Your baby is now fully developed and its body is correctly proportioned. He or she has become stronger and you can feel the movements even more than before. The skin is lightly pigmented. The pupils are now well developed and can dilate and detect light so he or she knows the difference between night and day. Some people think the baby’s eyes can even focus. Your baby can recognise your and your partner’s voices. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult 


Has the navel turned outwards? You may start to feel sore under your ribcage, especially when you breathe. This is because your womb is getting really big. During pregnancy the weight of your womb increases at least tenfold and the volume at least fiftyfold. You still gain weight, about a half a kilo per week. OK, this is week 34 and "just" six weeks are left. But this can seem an infinity when you are waiting and longing to have your body back.  One wonders sometimes whether the women who say "Now it's just six weeks left" were ever pregnant… Don’t forget to do pelvic floor exercises! It will be beneficial for your healing and for building up your muscles again.

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