Week 32

Your bump

Your baby is practicing breathing and moving its chest in and out. It pees and drinks about a liter of amniotic fluid every 24 hours. The under-skin fat under the skin continues to develop, your baby will gain 2 kilograms in the next 8 weeks, and the baby's face and cheeks will get rounder. If the baby is a boy, its testicles are now ready to descend into the groin area. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult 


You are entering the time of the really big belly! You’ll need rest, healthy food and a lot of fluid to manage well. Are you suffering from pains in your back, hips and groin? The ligaments and muscles are slackening to allow the birth canal to expand more easily. This is called pelvic relaxation or joint laxity and can differ quite a lot from one woman to another. Some women have pains at an early stage and can have problems throughout the whole pregnancy, whereas others will only have a dragging sensation in their groin and feel a bit stiff.

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