Week 31

Your bump

By monitoring babies for long periods using ultrasound, it's been possible to show that by now they're dreaming when they're asleep, at least that is the interpretation, the baby's eyes move in the same way as a sleeping adult's. Wonder what they’re dreaming about… Your child begins to develop under-skin fat and the surface skin is more pink than red. It has probably not yet positioned itself correctly with the head down, but it’s possible for babies to do this now. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult 


Do your legs feel swollen? Do your rings no longer fit? Around this time it's not unusual to experience a bit of water retention. Your body produces as much as 50% more blood and body fluid during pregnancy to meet your baby’s needs. Some of this extra fluid leaks into your body tissues. When your growing uterus pushes on the pelvic veins, blood flow in the lower part of your body is partially blocked. This pushes fluid into your legs and feet, causing swelling. Usually this isn't dangerous, but to be on the safe side your midwife will take your blood pressure every time you see her. What to do? Don’t cross your legs! It restricts the flow even more! Put any rings on a chain and wear them around your neck. And, yes, drink a lot of fluids, move to help circulation and rest with your legs up!

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