Week 30

Your bump

The brain continues developing and getting even more wrinkles and the lungs are now almost mature. When practising breathing movements your baby might get a case of hiccups, which feels like slight twitching in your uterus, like little spasms. This is something you will experience a lot in the coming weeks. The body is growing and building up more fat under the skin. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult 


Welcome to the last part of the pregnancy! How are you? This time can be quite heavy, both physically and mentally. Many say that they feel tired and experience “exercise contractions” (also known as Braxton Hicks) from time to time.  So don't forget to take a break during the day, with your legs up. Eat healthily, take a walk outside as often as you can and don’t stay up late. Yes, that does sound as if you were a pensioner - but now you need to be a little senior. Listen to your body, be kind to it – you still have ten weeks to go!Do you constantly need to pee? Or trickle just a little when laughing or moving? This isn't really surprising, as the baby's taking up more and more space, leaving less and less for your internal organs. Now it's your bladder that is being squashed and can't hold as much as it used to. Do your Kegel’s; it’s not fun, but very beneficial in many ways.

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