Week 3

Your bump

It has begun.  A sperm has met the egg. At the very moment when the sperm cell first penetrated the egg cell it was determined whether you are expecting a boy or a girl. Twelve hours after the conception there are two cells, add another 12 hours and there are four and so on every 12th hour. At the end of the first week, on the sixth or seventh day of pregnancy, a cluster of cells the size of a pinhead reaches the womb and attaches itself to the lining of the womb, usually towards the top, which is considered the best place. Chemical signals are now sent to your pituitary gland and ovaries that you are pregnant and that the ovulation cycle can stop for now – no more periods for the time being.


Some say that they knew the moment the sperm met the egg that they were pregnant. But if you have no idea until you test positive, despite all the drama that is actually happening in your body, you belong to the majority. This is because the radical hormonal changes of the first trimester, that trigger new behaviour and sensations, don’t kick in until three to five days after conception. But there are some early signs of pregnancy to look out for: metallic taste in your mouth, frequent urination, nausea, fatigue, breast change and breast tenderness etc. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant this is a week of nervous waiting until a test can confirm the pregnancy. If you weren’t trying… well you are probably feeling a bit edgy for the same reason.

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