Week 27

Your bump

By now your baby looks like a thinner, smaller, redder version of what he or she will look like at birth. If the birth was to occur this week, your baby’s chances of survival would be high. Even though the systems aren’t fully matured, your baby’s got what it needs to survive for life on the outside now. Now your baby opens its eyes.  The eyes can tell the difference between light and dark, they open and shut and look towards either side – your baby is exercising its eye muscles. The foot measures 4 cm, the thigh 5 cm and the head diameter is now 7 cm. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult 


Yes, last trimester, you’re entering the last phase of the pregnancy. Now your ribs, diaphragm and stomach are beginning to be compressed. And the heavy stomach makes it more difficult for the back. Nearly 50 per cent of all pregnant women have back pain at some time, and by this time many of them do. Start doing back stretches; that will help. And a nice, warm bath. Sore back muscles benefit from a little careful massage - perhaps someone at home might be so kind as to help fulfil this small wish. The volume of the amniotic fluid has reduced by about half, so it’s easier to spot if there is an elbow or a hand poking you or a little foot.

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