Week 26

Your bump

Until this time the surface of your baby’s developing brain has appeared smooth. Now the brain forms characteristic grooves and indentations on the surface to make room for all the nerve cells. It is now known that the baby reacts to light. The baby actually holds its hands in front of its eyes when hit by the light. Your baby now sleeps for longer, uninterrupted periods, sometimes even compatible with your own sleep pattern. If your baby was delivered now, it would have pretty good chance of surviving. It’s amazing.  And it’s truly a relief to know. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult  


Your womb has reached the bottom of your ribcage.Your baby feels what you feel. If you are low, tired or stressed out your baby will know. He or she reacts to the stress hormones your body produces. If something scares you, your baby will react to the adrenaline in your blood. But it also reacts to your highs, when you feel happy, content and loved. All the endorphins flow through your blood stream, through the umbilical cord to the baby.  Now your baby has distinct sleeping and waking cycles, can you feel that? You may find a pattern. Does it match yours? Or do you have someone inside your belly poking around at night?

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