Week 24

Your bump

The skin becomes less translucent as pigment is deposited, and it looks wrinkly because the body is producing skin more quickly than it makes fat to pad it out underneath. Your baby can probably sense whether he or she is upside-down or right-side-up. That’s because the inner ear, which controls balance in the body, has developed. The outer ears are soft but fully formed, and the hearing is there now. Your baby really likes to move and there is still space to do that. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult 


Your uterus is rising and reaching your belly button, pushing your internal organs up and away. You may experience heartburn, fatigue, dizziness and sore feet. That’s right, it’s time to pamper your feet! Wear good comfortable shoes. Soak your feet when they are sore. Give them attention and love. Your feet are going to carry a lot of weight in the weeks to come. Get a foot massage - perhaps there is someone at home eager to help in any way possible, since you are carrying their baby?

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