Week 22

Your bump

Your baby looks like a miniature newborn. Your baby’s senses are developing and maturing from day to day, and your baby’s brain and nerve endings are now mature enough to process the sensation of touch. And ultrasounds of babies at this age show them touching the membrane of the amniotic sac, touching their own faces, reaching and grasping the umbilical cord. Already they are small explorers. There is a distinctive pair of lips. And your baby’s reproductive system is continuing to develop. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult 


Are you feeling warmer and sweat more than normal? Well, like so many other organs in the body, the thyroid gland becomes more active during pregnancy. This can mean that you feel warmer. But besides that many women think it is kind of fun being pregnant now. You are still able to bend over and to sit comfortably, walking shouldn’t be an effort and morning sickness has usually passed. So you are probably feeling pretty good.

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