Week 17

Your bump

Your baby’s body is thin, arms and legs are skinny and most of the skeleton consists more and more of cartilage which is soft and flexible.  The lanugo hair swirls in fingerprint-like formations over the whole body and the skin is still transparent and lacks under-skin fat. Eyelids cover your baby’s eyes and will not open until around 27 weeks.  But he or she is aware of its surroundings and reacts to what is happening.  You will perhaps feel it react to sounds.   The external genitalia are now revealing whether it’s a boy or a girl.  From this week your baby weighs more than the placenta.


Now your heart is pumping twenty per cent more blood, it can cause palpitations, but it’s nothing to worry about. The increased amount of blood causes the body's mucous membranes to swell. As a result you will have a little more vaginal discharge than usual and your nose will be blocked (make sure you don't get addicted to nasal drops, use saline instead!). There are mucous membranes in the vagina as well, and now they are filled with more blood than ever before. And if your sex drive, which probably took a backseat to your fatigue and nausea during the first trimester, is starting to come back as you are feeling better, you are up for some really good sex.  Many report that sex during the second trimester is the best in their life!

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