Week 14

Your bump

Your baby's muscles are growing, they are getting stronger, and as a result it can hold and bend his or her head and its movements are becoming more noticeable. Its hands can grasp and its feet kick briefly. Your baby’s legs are now longer than its arms. The tiny face continues to look more human, and the individual characteristics, any similarities to you or your partner, are becoming clearer all the time. It may have a little hair on its head. The production of myelin starts around this time. It’s the substance that serves as an insulator around the system that sends communications through the brain.  This production will continue through the first years of your baby’s life. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult 


Your clothes are probably feeling tight all over and you have to buy trousers and tops in a larger size than normal. And that’s even though your womb is no bigger than a grapefruit. The amount of amniotic fluid that your baby is floating in increases dramatically now, and that makes your tummy grow. Is there a dark line down the centre of your abdomen? This is called Linea Alba, and some women get this around this time. It will fade and disappear in most cases, after your baby is born. Your hair is recovering from the stress of the early part of the pregnancy and it is now shinier and fuller than ever. If you’re still tired, make sure you get enough iron.  Talk to your midwife or doctor. And remember a pregnancy is a totally legitimate excuse to back out of whatever you don’t feel up to. It’s amazing. And very useful.

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