Week 13

Your bump

Out of the danger zone! All of your baby’s organs, bones, nerves and muscles are formed, and now it comes down to maturing and beginning to function together – and that is what is happening right now, your baby is busy flexing and developing muscles and joints.  All its bones still consist of cartilage but are now slowly ossifying; the cartilage hardens and becomes the bone. In spite of the fact that your baby cannot perspire inside the uterus, its sweat glands are fully developed. Your baby will move its chest now as if it is breathing – it is actually practising and will continue to do so until birth.


Hopefully you’re feeling better, less sick – the second trimester is often experienced as a quieter time than the first trimester. But if you have had smell and taste aversions, they will probably stick. And even though the hormones settle, and the placenta takes over more and more of the hormone production, it is not unusual to feel vulnerable, sad and/or ecstatic. A lot of things are happening in your body. But also perhaps fears of miscarriage have eased a little. This week actually means that the critical part of your baby’s development is safely behind you now. Most congenital malformations occur before the end of week 10, because the embryo is most susceptible to things that could interfere with its development. Do you have any cravings? It’s actually a mystery why some pregnant women crave certain kinds of food. Maybe it is the hormonal and emotional changes that trigger it. Or perhaps something from way back, when we didn’t eat such a “balanced” diet. The food craving can vary, many mention chocolate and sweets; some citrus fruits and juices. Food cravings can be good or bad – it totally depends on what you want to eat all of the time. But if you are eating a pretty balanced diet, lots of vegetables, protein, calcium and vitamins – by all means send your partner out in the night for whatever you crave! You certainly deserve it.

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