Week 12

Your bump

The head is growing steadily, together with the outer part of the ears and the eyes. The brain is going through a period of really important development.  The tooth buds of the permanent teeth are now on their way. Now the baby can swallow. The intestines will slowly make their way into the abdomen, since there is more and more room for them now. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult 


By the end of this week the placenta, and your baby, are producing more progesterone and oestrogen than you and your ovaries. It could mean that you’re feeling better, if you’ve been nauseous. Or at least there is hope for some recovery in the following weeks. Your womb fills your pelvis and it is now pushing into your abdomen. Do you still fit your clothes? Use an elastic band to get some extra space from your waistband. As you breathe in, you’re taking forty to fifty per cent more air into your body than normal. Your rib cage has expanded, which explains why your bras don’t fit that well any longer. And there are also new breasts! They will definitely have grown and your nipples and areolas (the areas around the nipples) will have become a little darker. Your breasts may also feel sore and your nipples in particular are more sensitive.

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