Week 11

Your bump

At this time the foetal period has begun, leaving the embryonic period behind. Now with everything in place, rapid growth begins in week 11! The crown-to-rump length of your baby will double in the next three weeks. Until week 20, halfway through the pregnancy, your baby will increase his or her weight 30-fold.  And at the end of this week her head and body will be roughly equal in length. Your baby can open its mouth and the tongue is fully developed.  The liver takes up much of the space in the abdominal parts.  Your baby’s testicles or ovaries have been formed and one can make out external sex organs. He or she is also getting into a more active phase. There is lots of room and lots of amniotic fluid to float and stretch in. Illustration by Karoline Lenhult 


While your baby is going through big changes, so far things have been going slower for you. But now you’re in for 10 weeks of rapid growth, just like your baby. You are almost at the end of the first trimester; your uterus has been growing along with the foetus inside it. It is almost big enough to fill your pelvis. You are still in that stage when no one can actually tell whether you are pregnant or whether you have just had one too many treats lately. It can be frustrating! You see the glances, friends and co-workers who don’t dare to ask.  And perhaps you are happy they are not asking! It’s a rather personal issue when and who to tell. However you feel, don’t try losing weight. Losing weight when one is pregnant is never a good idea. A lot of toxins are stored in your body fat and will be released if you lose weight. This isn't good for the baby. Instead, pay attention to what you eat and how much you are moving; if you do not train regularly, maybe you can start going for a walk or maybe you like to swim? By the way, you are now burning calories in a hurry, up to 25 per cent faster than you did before you were pregnant. Good advice this week is to drink a lot of water; you need it for the production of both blood and amniotic fluid.

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