Month 7

Your baby

Your child

Sleep can get more restless around this time for your baby. Your little one might be teething, and an improved visual memory produces more vivid dreams. What’s more, perhaps your baby is on the road to becoming an early bird. You'd probably forgotten it was possible to be awake so early. Some children start getting more mobile around now. They try to get around by crawling, slithering, sliding on their bottom and walking with their hands and feet. Others are happy to sit completely still, absorbed in other interests.  


How’s your baby's night-time sleep? A little restless? Too many wake-ups? Here are some tips that will help you cope. As soon as your child shows signs of moving around, it’s time to make things child-safe. Go down on all fours. Take note of everything that can be pulled at and tampered with, and all breakable objects within your child’s reach. Your baby is here to stay, so move anything you feel worried about out of reach to avoid unnecessary stress all round.

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