Month 6

Your baby

Your child

It’s taken this many months for your baby’s vision to become really good. So much progress is made during your baby’s first year. With so much happening week by week, it’s hardly surprising that your child’s body and brain are sometimes a little out of synch. Basic motor skills take priority right now. The finer motor skills will come later. At this point, babies’ fascination with their hands moves southwards to their feet. Now your baby has discovered both their width and their length.  


As your baby becomes increasingly aware of the surrounding world, it might be more difficult for them to relax and unwind, particularly in the evening. This can be a trying time of the day with more crying and griping than usual. Have you started giving your baby small tasters of food? This is often an exciting experience for the whole family. Read more about food here. When you are breastfeeding you can sometimes feel quite tied down. Add to this the fact that you are at home with a little tyrant – albeit a wonderfully cute one – who demands attention and care every waking hour, and this can be pretty wearing. Make sure you get regular time alone. Go out. Take a walk around the block. Take a longer route when you go shopping alone, whether you’re driving or on foot. It’s hard work being at home with a baby so ask for help to ensure you get some time alone.

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