Month 13

Your baby

Your child

If you’ve got a fledgling toddler at home, you’ll need to do a lot of comforting. There’ll be frequent falls and collisions – it takes time to learn to walk. It’s like learning skateboarding or snowboarding as an adult - you fall over and it hurts, but it’s fun so you don't give up. It’s really fun walking and it gives your baby the chance to explore more – even if they still have to grab onto the furniture to stay upright. Your baby needs plenty of practice. It’s also hard to concentrate on more than one thing at a time. A toddler can’t keep a really steady course until about age three.


It’s curious how, now your baby’s older,, they seem to need you more than ever. A one year-old doesn’t want their parents to even go out of the room. Ideally they’d love you to stay within sight the whole day. Yes, now your little person has come to understand that you’re two people, they’ve become more clingy. What can you do? Play a lot of peek-a-boo. This teaches your child that even if they can’t see you, you're still there. Playing helps to ease their fear of being abandoned. You can read more here

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