Month 10

Your baby

Your child

Once your baby learns to stand up, there are even more exciting opportunities to investigate. Opening drawers is fabulous fun, and stairs are just about the coolest invention ever. No 10-month-old can understand why they can’t just keep on crawling up and down stairs forever. Those grown-ups sure are boring, always lifting us away and putting up barriers.   Your baby probably understands the word no now, but don’t expect it to mean anything to them…  


Eating unassisted is really fun for babies - as a parent, you might feel differently, but can you see it from your child’s point of view? Food has a fabulous consistency. It’s fun to mash up and makes such great sounds. While each parent must decide where to draw the line, children who are allowed to play with their food often develop a healthy appreciation of eating. This may provide some consolation when you’re down on your hands and knees cleaning up the mess… again!

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