Month 1

Your baby

Your child

Your baby has been around a while and has started to relax a little. Therefore the little one will gradually uncurl from the fetal position and start jerkily trying out his or her arm and leg muscles. It could be that those little hands are releasing their grip.  He or she is spending more and more time awake, and starting to focus on you. Around this time, your baby will find his or her hands and stare at them, fascinated. This is the first step in discovering where the body ends and the world begins.  



Isn’t it amazing how quickly a day passes with a baby? And you know, if you have accomplished one thing each day, like grocery shopping, the laundry, or just taking a shower, you have done a lot. And it’s enough. Yes, it’s completely OK to just stay at home – every day and every evening. To know the starting times of every TV soap. No, surely you can't spend so much time sitting on the sofa holding your baby. Go ahead, enjoy it. The truth is, the more you do it, the better. Little babies and new parents really benefit from this cozy, slow sofa life during the first few weeks. It’s actually recommended.

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