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-Drypers Wee Wee DRY diapers reserves the right to filter, verify and refuse requests for samples if the requisition details proves to be redundant.

-Drypers Wee Wee DRY provides 2 sample packs at a maximum of 2 diaper sizes per household.

-Those requesting for free diaper samples must be willing to wait 2-3 weeks to receive the item.

Common questions

Drypers Diapers
What's the difference between Drypers Ultra and Drypers Giggles nappies?

Drypers Ultra is a premium nappy range, which is super absorbent and comfortable. Drypers Ultra nappies offer special features such as Drypers Rapid Flow Liner on Newborn and Infant sizes, and super soft stretch sides on Crawler to Junior sizes. 

Drypers Giggles are a quality nappy at a great price, and are all you need for every day.

For full details about Drypers nappies, please see our Products page.

Can I buy diapers online?

Drypers Baby Club members can purchase Drypers nappies at great prices, using part credit card payment and part Drypers Points payment.

Buying from our website is easy and convenient. Plus our prices include free delivery to your door!

Visit our online Drypers shop.

Where can I report a Drypers product concern?

If you have a Drypers product concern, please phone xxx or write to us at xxx, Private xxx.

Drypers Club
What is the Drypers Club?

By registering to the Drypers website, you’ll become part of the Drypers Club – a fantastic online parenting community. 

As a Drypers Club member you can:

- Share advice and experiences with other Kiwi parents in the Community
- Sign up for the monthly email newsletter
- If you’re pregnant, you can receive our Expected Drypers emails tracking your baby’s development
- Shop online for Drypers diapers at great prices
- Bank your Libeero Points collected from Drypers diaper packs
- Be eligible for exclusive member-only promotions
To become a Drypers Club member, and gain access to exclusive membership benefits, simply register now.

How do I update my Drypers Club member details?

Updating your details is easy! Simply visit Your Drypers and click on Your Settings. Then update your details and save them.

How do I delete my Drypers Club membership?

If you would like to delete your Drypers Club membership, visit Your Drypers and click on Your Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Delete my account’.

This will permanently delete your membership, including any Drypers Points you have accumulated.

If you’d simply like to be invisible in the community, please just change your privacy options under Your Public Profile.

Community & Forum - contributing
How can I add a comment to an article or member’s story?

You’ll need to be a Drypers Club member and logged in to add your comment. Then just type your comment into the box below the article or member’s story.


How can I add my own story?

To share your own stories, you’ll need to be a Drypers Club member.

Once you’ve signed in, go to Your Stories under 'Your Drypers'. From here you can easily add your experience and images.

Can I delete a comment I have made?

Sure! Go to Your Community under 'Your Drypers'.

Click on the 'Your Replies' tab, where you can view and delete your comments.

How can I see replies to my community posts?

Go to Your Community in ‘Your Drypers’.

In the ‘Your discussions’ tab, you can see what’s happening in conversations you’ve participated in.

How many votes has my poll had?

Go to Your Community under 'Your Drypers'.

Click on the ‘Your Polls’ tab and select the poll you’re interested in.

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