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  • Exercise while pregnant (0 comments)

    Having a regular exercise regimen before pregnancy has been advised by many doctors for a healthy

  • Tips for a healthy pregnancy (0 comments)

    Now that you are about to spend 9 months carrying and nourishing a growing child inside you, it is

  • Baby safe your home (0 comments)

    1 Falls
    When your baby starts crawling, and later walking, putting padding on sharp corners and

  • Birthing positions (0 comments)

    During the first stage of labour, contractions can be very painful The baby twists and turns

  • Walking shoes (0 comments)

    They should:
    - Be just the right fit Ask for help when shopping for shoes
    - Be easy on, easy

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  • 11 months

    Gripping with thumb and forefinger You’ve probably got a curious, egocentric little explorer...

  • 13 months

    A bit unsteady If you’ve got a fledgling toddler at home, you’ll need to do a lot of comforting....

  • Week 22

    The sensation of touch Your baby looks like a miniature newborn. Your baby’s senses are developing...

  • 7 months

    Increasingly vivid dreams Sleep can get more restless around this time for your baby. Your little...

  • 39-41 months

    Sticking plasters are great Your three year-old no longer needs to concentrate in the same way...

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