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  • Oral health in Toddlers (0 comments)

    Parents should be aware of the importance of taking care of their children's oral health as early

  • Bottle feeding (0 comments)

    Infant formula is made for babies up to 12 months who are not breastfed Health professionals

  • Diaper rash (0 comments)

    Small babies wee and poo a lot, which means that their diapers need to be changed five or six times

  • First teeth? (0 comments)

    Most babies have a few little teeth by around 6 months Read more [url

  • Useful advice about food (0 comments)

    • All types of nuts can easily stick in a baby's throat, so keep all nuts away from children under

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  • Teething (2 replies)

    Hi mga momies! Ask ko lang kung ilang months ang mga baby nyo nagkaroon ng ngipin? Thank you


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  • 8 months

    So many exciting things to discover If your baby can move from one place to another, it might only...

  • 7 months

    Increasingly vivid dreams Sleep can get more restless around this time for your baby. Your little...

  • Week 12

    There are eyelids! The head is growing steadily, together with the outer part of the ears and the...

  • Week 10

    The risk of miscarriage decreases (every day) It is 56 days since conception. Now all the internal...

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