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  • Becoming the best birth coach (0 comments)

    What are your thoughts about childbirth? Are you scared? Full of excitement? Wishing you weren’t

  • Birth pain and how to deal with it (0 comments)

    Oh yes, it hurts to give birth No matter how much we prepare ourselves for labour, it’s

  • Birthing positions (0 comments)

    During the first stage of labour, contractions can be very painful The baby twists and turns

  • Exercise to stay fit and fabulous (0 comments)

    Preparing yourself both mentally and physically for labour will not only make the birth easier,

  • Write a birth plan (0 comments)

    I´m supposed to write a birth plan, but this is my first time and I don’t know anything of what to

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  • Week 33

    Gaining almost 250 grams per week! The next four weeks will be a period of extraordinary growth...

  • Week 37

    Getting bigger and bigger Your baby is now collecting nourishment needed for the delivery. He or...

  • Week 21

    The head is growing The diameter of your baby's head has grown by 3 mm since last week. The hair...

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