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  • Benefits of listening to classical music (0 comments)

    Music remains one of the most powerful tools of human expression It transcends age, race and

  • Fetal Development (0 comments)

    Having an idea of what is happening inside the womb and with the baby's development is imperative

  • Colds and Flu in Babies (0 comments)

    It is almost certain that your baby will catch a cold at least once in his first year This is

  • Exercise at the gym while pregnant (0 comments)

    If you’re pregnant you don’t have to stop going to the gym; just ask the staff to tailor your

  • The first sleep (0 comments)

    Many expectant mums think “I better take the chance to sleep before the baby comes” But, much to

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  • Week 23

    Breathing movements Its body is getting plumper but the skin is still wrinkled, and the pigment is...

  • Week 13

    Everything is formed and outlined Out of the danger zone! All of your baby’s organs, bones, nerves...

  • Week 30

    Hiccups The brain continues developing and getting even more wrinkles and the lungs are now almost...

  • Week 28

    Adds fat From seven months your baby’s growth becomes dependent on being able to secrete insulin....

  • Week 33

    Gaining almost 250 grams per week! The next four weeks will be a period of extraordinary growth...

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